Solar Flashlights given to the children of The Orbit Village Project school and orphanage in Kenya, Africa by volunteer Bryan Seaton.


My name is Bryan Seaton and I am a recent new member to the Board of The Orbit Village Project outside Nairobi, in Kayole, Kenya. Our website is Our home base is in Sevierville, TN. Orbit Village is a school to over 500 kids from a baby class through 12th grade, as well as an orphanage for some of the boys and girls that either do not have any family or any safe place to live in the area.

An event, simply known as ‘Zawadi’ to the kids, takes place each summer in which each child is given their very own back pack or tote bag filled with age appropriate necessities as well as some fun items and toys. In Swahili, Zawadi means “gift.” To many of the kids, this is the first time they have ever received a gift of any kind or had anything to truly call their own.

Myself, along with 24 other members of my church, traveled to Orbit this past June 27 through July 6th to organize, pack and distribute individual Zawadi bags to each of the children there. There is no electricity yet at the Project, but this is a goal of ours for the very near future, hopefully by the end of the year. Therefore, those older boys and girls that received the solar flashlights in their bags were extremely grateful to have light of any kind.

This area is very close to the equator and it gets dark around 6:30 at night year round. With these solar lights, they are able to read and study now past darkness, which will help them in their soon to come national exams. Thank you for providing a number of these flashlights this year. It was amazing to be an eyewitness to the excitement that the solar lights created.

Sincerely, Bryan