Photos and report from the Solar Light Project for
Tibetan Children’s Village in Hanley, Ladakh, India


Email from Kunchok Tsomo, Tibetan Children’s Village, Ladakh Office:

Sorry for the long gap in communication. I was helpless because of holding back the
solar flashlights until now. We have now sent the flashlights to Ladakh in a place called Hanley, where our branch of Tibetan Children’s Village is located. Hanley is a place where there is no electricity only Solar lights. Kindly find the attachment of the photos of the receipt of the solar flashlights by the Head master of TCV Hanley.

I thank you very much for making this possible to reach the help of lights in children’s homes. That will probably make a big difference. Thanks a lot once again. I am thinking to ask the main branch of Ladakh to carry the message to take some more pictures showing utility in the homes by children and home mothers. I know it will take some time. But i guess they can do it.

We also send a few of flashlights to our TCV branch in Selakui ( its a model school) of Tibetan Children’s Village. There they have lots of snakes around the campus. So, to make a safer walk at night, the flashlights are again of great use to that village. I will send you soon the pictures. I hope you are keeping well over there. And I indeed apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

Regards, Kunchok Tsomo, Tibetan Children’s Village, Ladakh Office


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