Photos of Solar Light Distribution, by Carlo Zande
of the Art4Aid organization, to the Maasai people
of Entasekera Village, East Africa

Carlo 3

Email from Carlo Zande of the Art4Aid Organization

Dear Neil, Im back from my journey in East Africa. I had an amazing experience and giving out your solar powered flashlights was very very appreciated. I went to more than 10 schools around the area where I was staying, and while I distributed the pens and pencils I collected, I rewarded the top 2 students of each class with a flashlight and notebook so they could keep studying at night. I am now working on getting a sponsor to set up the Maasai exhibition since I collected a lot of great photographs. I will keep you updated on the project. Thank you very much again for your contribution.


Carlo 1

Carlo 4

Carlo 2


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